I offer 1 on 1 consults to help with individuals nutritional needs, whether its to lose weight, make changes or simply just stay on track in achieving your goals.

Seeing a nutritionist isn’t about going on a diet its about making changes in an individuals life that will improve their health and well being.

This is about making long term changes that fit into your life style. Not every person leads the same life so not every person can have the same plan.

I am here to inspire you and help you achieve your goals no matter how big or small. An initial consult takes up to 2 hours where we make a plan and discuss your goals and I get to know a little about you as an individual.

Consults after that are 30 minutes where we go over goals and food plans. At each consult I take measurements, body fat percentage and weight.

Its all about inspiring a better you

Sharon Griffiths x