Waiuku Health and Fitness has a wide range of equipment including both free weights and machine weights. Our weight machines include Hoist, get strength and Polaris.

Our Star-trac cardio equipment includes treadmills, Cross-trainers, stepper, 3 different types of bike ( upright, Recumbent and spinning). We also have krank machines and rowers. 




Below are some photos and details of our newest weight machines, our cardio equipment and our Power plate:   





Lat Pull Down: 

Self-aligning handles automatically adjust to the user while the forward, unsupported movement of the torso results in greater activation of the core musculature

  • Multiple grip positions accommodate varying body sizes and arm lengths
  • Starts the body in a slight forward lean, increasing the muscle stretch to the lats and traps
  • Pull movement lifts the seat while rocking the body rearward mimicking a natural pull up movement and avoiding unsafe lower back hyperextension
  • Synchronized diverging exercise motion follows the natural rotation pattern of the shoulder
  • Adjustable thigh hold-down pad.


Shoulder Press:

Contoured press arm handles provide multiple grip positions

  • Starts the exercise handles positioned in front of the body, then rocks rearward positioning the handles over head to mimc the natural movement of a dumbbell shoulder press
  • Rocking movement aligns the user's arm with the midline of their torso to decrease external rotation of the arm and shoulder and reduce lower back arching
  • Synchronized converging exercise motion replicates dumbbell presses
  • Counter-balanced exercise arm
  • Ratcheting seat adjustment



Chest Press: 

 Contoured press arm handles provide multiple grip positions

  • Starts with the exercise handles positioned at chest level, then rocks rearward to align the handles with the chin mimicking the natural angular or arched movement of a bench press
  • Designed to reduce the stresses placed upon the anterior shoulder capsule associated with horizontal extension and internal rotation of the arm
  • Synchronized converging exercise motion replicates dumbbell presses
  • Counter-balanced exercise arm
  • Ratcheting seat adjustment



Incline Row:  


  • Multiple Grip positions (narrow/wide) for exercise variation
  • Dual position footplates for varying user heights
  • No Adjustment necessary




Bicep Curls: 


  • Cable-Driven exercise movement automatically adjusts to accommodate varying arm lengths and shoulder widths
  • Swiveling pulleys provide pronated, neutral or supinated grip positions
  • Starts the body in an upright posture to improve arm extension for biceps recruitment, then rocks rearward during the exercise to reduce shoulder and back involvement
  • Rocking motion mimics the natural movement of a standing barbell/dumbbell curl without involving the lower back




Hack Squat and Dead lift: 

 Features of Hack Squat: Naturally mimics the exercise motion of a traditional hack squat while offering a more supportive environment

  • Adjustable back and seat pad helps to maintain a neutral spine during the exercise movement which results in less stress to the back muscles
  • Features of Dead Lift/Shrug: Angled foot plate provides a stable foundation especially those with limited/tight calf muscles
  • Compound exercise movement brings the weight back to draw the shoulders back and sets the scapula to a stable finished exercise position



Seated Calf raise: 

  • Mar resistant nickel-plated weight peg
  • Lock-out automatically releases at the start of the exercise
  • Adjustable thigh pad to accommodate varying leg lengths
  • Thigh pad automatically self-aligns to the user during exercise






 Seat pad can be locked in place or unlocked for pivoting movement

  • Pivoting seat pad provides multiple abdominal exercises and results in greater activation of the core musculature
  • Starts the body in an upright posture with exercise handles overhead to pre-stretch the abdominal muscles
  • Rocking movement lowers the hips to increase the involvement of the abdominal muscles to produce trunk flexion
  • Designed to offer constant lumbar, thoracic and cervical support to avoid hyperextension or unnatural loading of the spine
  • Avoids excessive hip flexion unlike traditional abdominal machines






Features like water bottle holders, personal fans, towel bars and a space for a magazine or music player that are now taken for granted were all Star Trac innovations. And user-focused breakthroughs, like the SoftTrac® impact absorption system and the Aero Bar™ comfort grip system, continue to put our treadmills a step ahead. From the E Series to the S Series, every time you step on a Star Trac, you’re experiencing the most intuitive, enjoyable and dependable treadmills running.


Just step on for a "quick start" or interval programme and then work towards conquering some of the greatest landmarks in the world with our Famous Steps® programme, taking you anywhere from The Great Pyramids to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Supportive handrails allow comfortable hand placement at every angle, while user contact heart rate monitors measure intensity. 


Cardio and strength training are part of any good exercise regimen, but they’ve always been distinctly separate disciplines – until now. By integrating strength training into a cardio program, our total body trainers get your heart pumping and your muscles moving like nothing else. The result is a better, more effective and more efficient workout without ever changing machines or stopping to make adjustments. Spend five minutes on one and you’ll see and feel why there’s no other single machine workout quite like it.

Treadmills/ stepper / Cross-Trainer 


Upright bike: From the reliable patented pedal and bottom bracket assembly this upright delivers numerous intuitive, user-friendly and comfortable features such as own personal fan. Settle into its wide, cushioned seat and press qucik start and your ready to go.

Recumbent bike: comfortable as chair. With an adjustable reading station, dual-platform pedals and a built-in personal fans.


E-spinner/ spinning bikes: The new eSpinner® brings the excitement of the Spinning® program outside of the classroom . The eSpinner® features a 15” high resolution touch screen with embedded Spinning® program workouts tutorial and, iPod® dock for music and videos, continuous  cadence display, and of course, and built-in personal fan. 

Upright/ recumbent/ E-spinner 


Also Our Rowing and Kranking Machines: 




Power Plate: 



the positives of Power Plate v's other Vibration Machines: 


  •  Power Plate machine has CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE (MDD) certification – i.e. it is accepted by EU Medical Device Directive as having...

  •  scientifically proven medical benefits on the Power Plate machine; moreover it is manufactured to high ISO quality standards and the quality process of the entire company gets audited annually

  •  No other manufacturer of vibration training machines holds the MDD type 2a certification for their entire product range.  


  •  There are over 40 independent peer reviewed and scientifically published research studies that have been undertaken on the Power Plate machine


  •   PPI’s educational academies are recognized by a number of international sporting and fitness regulatory bodies and have CEUs or CECs


Serena Williams is a recent Winner who uses Power Plate – her testimonial is on our website


Below is the link you are able to download the research summaries:


An alternative method of training and a certified medical device. Come and try new pro6 just arrived 

  • Fall prevention
  • Improving muscle stregth and power
  • Alleviating pain
  • Reducing apperance of cellulite
  • Increasing bone mineral density loss related to aging
  • Improved circulation and cardiovascular function
  • Improving flexibility and range of motion
  • Improving general welbeing, fitness and daily life functioning in patient populations



Check this out, Argentina's Pumas using Power Plate.    click here