Waiuku Health and fitness's members doing amazing stuff: 

WHF has some Amazing athletes achieving some Outstanding results in their chosen sport/ event/ activity and even hobby.. here are some of the results of those athletes.  

Waiuku Health and Fitness is proud of all its members achievements, and would like to say awesome work and keep up the hard work! 


Sorry to those members who we have missed out, If you would like us to add your results come and see one of our members of staff or contact us via email with your results.



WHF would like to congratulate Rhiannon Lelieveld on her spectacular WIN in the NABBA Counties Manukau Body Building Competition.
Last month Rhiannon placed 1st in her category (Miss Shape) 1st in overalls and also took out "Top Gym" award for Counties Manukau region.
Rhiannon has been on a fitness journey over the past 3 years and has to date lost a total of 35kgs and 23% Body Fat, dropped from a size 14 to a size 8.


Rhiannon is passionate about helping others as she has an understanding of depression and low self esteem. If you would like to have a chat with her please feel free to approach her.

If you would like to know more about Rhiannon's Journey go a check out her Instagram Page rhizfit_lifenz 





Franklin Fight Night came to Puke with 24 brave amateur boxers taking to the ring for charity.

 Massive Congratulations to Mikaela Maxwell & Ashleigh Olson for taking part in an amazing charity event.


Both girls fought extremely well and all the hard work and dedication paid off 

Courtney Mackenzie

Courtney joined Waiuku Health and Fitness in 2013, having two young children she felt the need to do something for herself. During the last two years, through hard work, dedication and staying focused Courtney has managed to attain top placing within the NZIFBB bikini class and recently entered the glamour's WBFF, where she placed in the top 5 against some of Australia's best.

Courtney would like to help support those that have made or are going through the same journey, and to share her health and fitness passion with others

We would like to wish Courtney all the best as she will be stepping on stage once again to compete in the WBFF in October 2016.

CONGRATULATION Linda Lelieveld, Vicki Saunders and Cat Cleghorn for placing in the "NABBA Counties Manukau 2016."


Linda Lelieveld - 1st 40plus Physique

Vicki Saunders - 1st Novice Short Physique

Cat Cleghorn - 2nd Novice Shape

These 3 Ladies have put in a HUGE amount of hard Work, Determination, Meal Prepping, Posing and much more and as we can see it has all paid off.








"Sharon Griffiths"

In August 2012 Sharon Griffiths joined Waiuku Health and Fitness.

During this time Sharon has managed to shed a whopping 27kilos, 84.5cm all over and 13% body fat. Sharon has set herself goals, one was to complete a triathlon in Rarotonga which she achieved in May. Now her training has started for Taupo 70.3 ironman in December.

For Sharon this is going to be a massive challenge and a lot of commitment, but she is looking forward to crossing the finish line and being able to say "I ACHIEVED WHAT I SET OUT TO DO."







Boxing Profile:

AGE: 51yrs

HEIGHT: 173cm

WEIGHT: 101.7kg


I'm Ngatiwhakahemo from Pukehina, but based in Waiuku with my whanau.

I heard about this event through a niece and when I was asked if I would be interested in having a go, I couldn't think of any reason not too.

I've been setting myself goals for the last couple of years an this is the biggest one of them all.

Stepping up to tautoko this event, stepping up for the personal challenge.

Mauri ora!!! 






 Jess's Achievements...

When I first met Jess in June 2011 she was unhappy with her appearance, had dodgy knees, which restricted her from doing a lot of lower body exercises (lunges, leg extension, and squats). We both sat down discussed goals (long and short term) and started working on her new life journey together, her initial goals were Weight Loss, Muscle Tone, drop dress size to a 10/12 and loose 10kg.

Jess started a 12 week challenge, where she lost in total 35" and 13kg in weight (taking out 1st place "Goal Achieved"). After the 12 week challenge had completed Jess had learnt the biggest lesson to a healthier lifestyle. Eating clean 80% of the time (enjoying her weekends, and family events) also keeping up with her exercise. Maintaining her loss for the next 2years and enjoying life.

A year ago Jess decided to set herself another goal, muscle tone and drop in body fat, so we started another journey together. This time jess decided to invest in Power Plate sessions with Sarah, and PT with me once a week and tidy up her nutrition a little further, as results today she has now lost 43" 16.5kg and 14% body fat.

Jess is available to talk to anyone that is on their own journey, as she said, it is not easy it doesn't happen over night, you are human and you are going to have bad days, but it is worth it.

Congratulation Jess on your personal journey

You are a real inspiration..


Domini's Achievements...


I finally was able to convince Dom to purchase smaller Gym clothing after working her little butt off. 

Dom has lost in total

6" (15cm) From her chest

5.5" (13.5cm) From her waist

8.3" (20.5cm) From her hips 

3 Dress Sizes down and over 20kg LOST

Dom still enjoys her social life, and has not felt deprived in any way in regards to her nutrition or even the odd alcoholic beverage.

Dom also fits her training around her family life and other commitments, everything in moderation. "Your life style change DOESN'T have to be a life sentence".



Congratulations to Katie Thomson who recently competed at the NABBA-wff West Auckland Champs.  (April 2015)

Katie competed in the Sports-model class and gained a superb 4th placing, this result qualifies her for the NABBA-wff Nationals in October.

Awesome work Katie keep it up, all the best at nationals.





Congratulations to member Jennyazra Benschop competing in Counties Manukau NZIFBB bodybuilding champs (April 2015)


Jenny placed 1st in Senior Bikini and also placing top 5 in Novice Bikini Short. Fantastic results well done Jenny all that hard work and dedication has paid off, Keep it up!!!

And we wish you all the best for nationals in a few months.





Aprils transformation story: Tony Nelson

Waiuku's health and fitness member Tony started his transformation back in October 2012 and hasn't looked back thou yes there were ups and downs he stuck it out, pushed through and is smashing every gaols he makes, and we couldn't be more proud of his achievements. We asked tony to write about his journey to help inspire and show that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and a positive attitude.


Thirty months ago (October 2012), I had reached a plateau in my weight loss.  I had successfully lost 54 kgs, but was stuck and unable to shed the last remaining kgs.

My personal trainer at the time was educating me on how to better understand the macro-nutrients and the art of calorie counting.  I must admit that I was a bit stubborn and lacked the confidence to pursue this endeavour; however, after a few months of that needle on the scale not budging I chose to rise to the occasion.

The first reality came when my trainer told me to limit my calories to 2,200 per day.  I then had to work out how best to account for what I ate.  I decided to use the Healthy Food Guide magazine and the recipes that they had.  These recipes laid out the serving size, calories, and macro-nutrients.

During that transition, I discovered two very important things:  (1) I learnt what it was to be hungry.  Until that moment, focusing on that magic number of 2,200, I had never been hungry.  I was eating for the sake of eating.  (2) I lacked the basic skill of meal planning and food preparation.

The amazing thing that happened next was the 146 kgs slowly began to fall off down to the mid to low 140s.  I was stoked!

My trainer had to move to the North Shore for his studies and I must admit that I did panic.  How or whom would train me next.  Luckily, I found that person who had experience, knowledge, and the qualification that could take me to the next level.

Over the next few weeks (March 2013), Jamie and I discussed my new goals.  Weight loss and improved fitness.  I was constantly being educated on how the macro-nutrients worked and adjusted my eating accordingly—still relying on the Healthy Food Guide as a tool.  The amazing thing happened that the weight loss continued down into the 130s.  I couldn’t believe my success.

More importantly, Jamie made my program around improving functional movement, being thrashed, and improving strength.  He used a wide range of techniques and programs to improve my overall fitness levels.

On or about October 2013, clarity of thought arrived.  With improved eating and being thrashed in the gym, I felt for the first time, alive and present.  It is an odd feeling to describe, but it was as if I hadn’t been present in the past.

Then, my GP informed me that my hba1c had improved so much that my dosage of metformin can be reduced and eventually stopped.  It is now 2015 & I am off all meds and no longer a diabetic.  Additionally, he removed the meds for my high cholesterol and high blood pressure meds.  I am now no longer on any meds.  My GP had also stated that in his medical career; I am the only patient who has managed to train and eat my way to improved health.    

I now weigh in at 96 kgs, that is a 50 kg loss since October 2012, and a total of 104 kgs since moving to New Zealand.

In closing, I say this:


  1. If the scale is not going down, then either you are eating too much or the ratios of macro-nutrients is not working for your body type.

  2. Your gym sessions need to be adjusted.

  3. Learn to critically reflect on your health goals.

    If you are unfit and/or have health issues, I would strongly urge you to commit to yourself and make small incremental changes in your life to improve your overall well-being.


    I am very thankful to the community of Waiuku for supporting me throughout this process.  If I can do it, you can.


Awesome results Tony, keep up the hard work.

if your thinking of change in your lifestyle or exercise regime or just want more of a challenge.. come in and see our team at Waiuku health and fitness. 




Congratulations to Gerard  Lelieveld!! 


Coming 1st on handicap at the NZ Finn Class sailing Nationals in Christchurch. Awesome achievement Gerard keep up the good work!!  

Congratulations to members Courtney Mackenzie and Billie Hunt, who reticently competed in the NZifbb PRO/AM in the weekend. 

Courtney placing 3rd in the OPEN bikini Short 

Billie placing 2nd in the Senior Bikini class 

Looking absolutely Fabulous, all your hard work and dedication is paying off, super proud keep up the hard work ladies!! 

Courtney - blue bikini , Billie - purple bikini 

          Posters for the up-coming Body building           Competitions for NABBA-WFF, NABBA and NZIFBB




Nationals time... Save the Date


NABB-WFF body building federation National Champs is coming up on the 11th of October, so get your tickets now to see the best of the best compete for national titles! Even if you have been to every show or never been and want to check it out visit www.nabb-wff.com for more info.

Get your tickets ASAP, they will be going  fast! 

Good Luck to Ben Holmes and Laura Cowling competing in the NABB-WFF Wellington Body-building Champs on the 27th of September.

results will be posted ASAP



2014 Pacific Row  -  "Rowing for Charlotte"


Welcome back to Waiuku's Tara Remington!!

After her 60 day rowing nearly 4,700 km across the Pacific Ocean from  from Long Beach, California to Waikiki, Hawaii.  World Record holding Trans-Atlantic rower, Tara Remington and Paralympian and ocean rower Angela Madsen rowed across the Pacific OceanThe pair started 20 May 2014 and finished on 19 July 2014. They achieved a world first by becoming the first women's pair to make this journey, and Tara has become the first New Zealander to row the Pacific Ocean.  Tara is also the first New Zealander to row both  the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.   The focus of this row was to raise funds for Charlotte Cleverley Bisman to ensure that Char is able to annually attend Camp No Limits, a summer camp for children who are amputees.  

 They began their row on the 20th of May and arrived in Hawaii on the 19th of July-60 days later!  They had hoped their Pacific journey would take between 45 -55 days, but the ocean had other plans for them.  The two World Record holders rowed two hours on, two hours off,  in shifts in Angela's boat 'The Spirit of Orlando' named after Orlando Rogers, a fellow competitor of their in the 2007 Atlantic Rowing Race who lost his life in a small plane crash.  Tara rowed to raise funds for Charlotte Cleverley Bisman, and to date, is over halfway to her $10,000 target thanks to the generosity and kindness of so many!

if you would like to make a donation to help Charlotte get to 'Camp No Limits" go to: 


here are just a few pics of Tara and her partner Angela, and Charlotte who they are fundraising for..   




2014 NABBA - Pan Pacific Champs 


Congratulations to all our Body-builders who competed at the NABBA-WFF Pan Pacific Body-Building champs 2014 in the weekend. You guys and girls did amazing and should be so proud, we all know how much hard work you have all put in and its a credit to you. Have done us here at Waiuku Health and Fitness extremely proud and cant wait to see you guys getting back up on the stage. Awesome work keep it up!! 




  • Bikini Model: (new class) 

Laura Cowling: 5th 

Nichole Homles: 1st 


  • WFF Miss Athletic Novice:

Olivia Willett : 4th  


  • Novice Men: 

Simon Morley: 2nd  

Tony Silverthron: 4th









Waiuku Health and Fitness.. 12 week Challenge 2012

A great way to get motivated, achieve a goal and get into some healthy habits to sustain a better life.

Includes, training dairy, nutritional advise, eating plans, healthy recipies, supermarket tours, educational sessions, group classes, Power Plate, personal training, motivational speakers, Personal Training programs and support, Bootcamp, full use of facilities.

Have fun on our photo table, just click an image to shrink, double click to enlarge, click and drag to move



  NABBA 2012

Some pic of the guys who competed in the NABBA body building competitions back in 2012

Ben Holmes, Simon Morley Tony Silverthorn 




Waiuku Health and Fitness BOOT CAMP 2012

  Some action shoots of the keen people who did our boot camp challenge!!